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Baltimore, MD 21207


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Our Story

Nourished by beauty…

Founder Kirk Laughton has always been nourished by beauty. This has manifested itself in many different forms over the years, and today this spirit is at the core of our business.

It’s a true privilege to participate daily in the creation of exceptional spaces. For us, developing great decorative lighting is a collaborative process and our ongoing mission is the expression and fulfillment of your vision.

In our world:

  • Your vision is our guide
  • Function and beauty are intertwined
  • Great design doesn’t have to be expensive

Our Profile

For more than 30 years, we have served the multi-family, senior living, and hospitality sectors.

Though Kirk’s venture in lighting had small beginnings, its repertoire of successes grew steadily. One particular highlight is Bellagio Las Vegas; Kirk was called upon to collaborate with Roger Thomas and his team on the design and installation of over 20,000 fixtures. Today, Top Brass items feature prominently in many other iconic spaces and numerous retirement, condominium, and hospitality properties nationwide and internationally.

  • What Interior decorative lighting
  • For who multi-family, senior living, hospitality
  • How Experts in collaborative design for your project
  • Where Based in Baltimore, Maryland
  • When 30 year track record

Our Expertise

In our world, spectacular design doesn’t have to be expensive, quality & beauty are synonymous, and custom is uncomplicated.

Thanks to our extensive experience and network of skilled manufacturers, we can create customized designs to suit your project’s requirements. If you can’t find the right item, want to reimagine an existing design, or are simply looking for something truly original — we can create it.

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