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At Top Brass, we deal with a lot of commonly-held myths:

Design myth 1

Custom lighting is complicated and expensive.

Design myth 2

My ideal lighting fixture simply doesn’t exist.

Maybe your project demands a bespoke design, or maybe you want almost-this-but-somewhat-different. Your projects aren’t cookie cutter, and your decorative lighting doesn’t have to be either.

You have a vision. And with our extensive custom design experience and capabilities, we can help make it happen. Simply, beautifully, and affordably.

How can we help make it happen?

Defining the parameters

We begin with a discussion of your objectives and requirements. Based on your specifications and reference images, we can produce complimentary line art in as little as 24 hours.

Refining the vision

With your consultation, adjustments and refinements are made. Upon approval of line art and photorealistic renderings, product prototypes can be delivered in four to eight weeks.

Producing your items

Our team manages fabrication with our manufacturers, who have extensive experience with high-end fixtures. After three to four months, your made-to-order items arrive.

So, what do you want? Let’s talk.

Isn’t custom work extremely expensive? We will design for your budget, providing you with an optimal product at a competitive price point.

Does a custom job require a large order? While more economical with scale, we can accommodate custom orders for as few as a dozen fixtures.

I need to find cost savings on my project. Can you help? Talk to us about your objectives and leave the hard work to us. We’ll draft some solutions to economize without sacrificing style.

I want to modify another design – is this ok? Yes! We are happy to discuss customized variations – finish, dimensions, lamping, materials, and more – on an existing design.

How much design input is required of me? We can work from a sketch, a reference image, or even just a description. Once the process is underway, we only require your consultation for modifications and signed-off drawings.

How long will my custom order take? Our typical lead time is three to four months from approval of design. If you require a quicker turnaround, get in touch so we can discuss what’s possible.

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